Friday, December 12, 2008

So You Want to Buy a New Digital Camera?

The world of digital photography is ever-growing. There are seriously hundreds of digital cam marks and types. Which kind should you pick? Which one is the smartest decision for you? We have various advice for purchasing a new digi cam that'll make picking out the correct one simple.

The first decision in choosing your new camera is deciding what you want to use it for. Are you going to be capturing still shots, sports shots, or dark shots? Take these into consideration since you need various features for each one. The kind of pics you want to take is the most essential factor to consider. If you're going to be taking darker images, you want to go with a camera that has ISO features. The more ISO equivalents the cam boasts, the more options you'll have for taking photos in various kinds of lighting. A cam with the ISO equivalents 100, 200, 400, 800, and 1600 will give you all of the options you'll require.

If you're looking to print your pictures you'll want to look for a camera with modest resolution. Mega-pixels are mega-essential! The larger the amount of mega-pixels, the greater the res of the pictures. Printing pictures that have a low res results in distorted and unprofessional looking photos. Make sure the printer you'll use supports the resolution of the digital camera.

The size of the camera is another factor to think about. Take into account where exactly you will be taking the camera. If you plan to use your camera frequently and carry it with you a lot of the time, you may want to think about purchasing a compact camera that will fit into your purse or shirt pocket. Consider the weight of the camera if you plan on carrying it hiking or climbing. Cameras come in all weights and sizes so finding one that accommodates your requirements won't be challenging.

Lastly, think about who will be utilizing the camera. If you are buying the cam for an avid photographer you might want to think about lenses and tripod options. If you're purchasing the digital camera for a adolescent you might think about something light and durable, while still stylish and trendy. A traveler might be interested in more memory space for pictures, while a mom of young children may be more interested with a camera that has rechargeable batteries so she will never miss a picture perfect moment.

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